The school has a comprehensive range of policies relating to all aspects of school life.

Our policies can be viewed by clicking on the links below. All School Policies can also be accessed in full upon request, through our Head Office. Please find our contact details here.

Safeguarding Policy 

Our policy and related guidelines are updated regularly and form part of the induction programme for all new staff. All staff attend our in-house children’s safeguarding training.

Designated Safeguarding Leads

The designated Safeguarding Lead at FACE Youth Therapeutic School is Lotta Jones.

Cressey College’s senior Children’s Safeguarding Lead is Adrienne Cherrywood; and Amy Pollard is the deputy Safeguarding Lead.

20171001 – FACE Youth Safeguarding children policy

Complaints Policy

FACE Youth has a full Complaints Policy and procedures for students, parents, staff, professionals and all others involved. The number of complaints in any given year is available on request.

If there is a concern in the school, this would in the first instance be raised with the Head of School who will endeavour to resolve the issue. A copy of the complaints procedure is displayed in the school, and all complaints are recorded.

20170901 – FACE Youth Complaints policy

Nurture Policy 

Our very high staff-student ratio and our nurture-based approach enables better progress for our students.

20170901 – FACE Youth Nurture Policy

Anti-bullying Policy 

20170901 – FACE Youth Anti Bullying Policy

Behaviour Management Policy 

20170901 – FACE Youth Behaviour Management Policy

E-safety Policy 

20170901 – FACE Youth e-safety policy

Equality and Inclusion Policy 

20170901 – FACE Youth Equality & Inclusion Policy

First Aid Policy 

20170901 – FACE Youth First Aid Policy

Health & Safety Policy 

20170901 shef policy

Physical Intervention Policy 

20170901 – FACE Youth Physical Intervention Policy

SEN Policy 

20170901 – FACE Youth SEN Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

20170901- FACE Youth Confidential Reporting Code

EAL Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth EAL Policy

 Weapons Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Weapons Policy

Supporting those who self-harm Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Supporting those who Self-Harm Policy

Social Media Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Social Media Policy

Discipline Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Discipline Policy

Careers Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Careers Policy

Curriculum Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Curriculum Policy

Searching Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Searching policy

Off-site Education Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Off-site educational Policy

Medicine and administering medicines Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Medicine & Administering medicine Policy

Food Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Food Policy

Exclusion Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Exclusion Policy

 Car Use Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Car use Policy

Attendance Policy

20170901 – FACE Youth Attendance Policy