Ofsted Inspection, November 2017

On 21-23 November 2017 we had an Ofsted inspection. This page is to provide a copy of the report, to summarise the key findings, and to inform you of what we’re doing about it.

The report’s key findings were that:

· Safeguarding at the school is effective, the staff team are committed and caring, the pupils are well cared for.

· Parents, carers, professionals and Local Authorities speak positively about the school.

· The School is compliant with the Independent School Standards.

· The report stated that the School requires improvement in terms of the quality of teaching, the recording of progress data, and with aspects of student behaviour.

· The report recognized that Cressey College had only very recently taken over FACE Youth (in September 2017), that the Headteacher was fully aware of the school’s weaknesses, and that we had already started to implement an “appropriately ambitious and relevant action plan”.

We were aware of the need for improvement before the inspection, and we fully concur with the report’s findings, which have validated our pre-existing action plan to improve the school. This plan was already underway at the time of the inspection, but the required improvements could not be achieved overnight. However we are now well into the process, as acknowledged by the Inspector and as reflected by the new timetable that we have introduced at the start of the Spring Term. We are entirely confident that the required improvements are being quickly achieved.

I hope this help you to interpret the Ofsted report (available at the link below), and that this explanation is helpful. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to call me, and I will be happy to talk. I am contactable on 07912 875906.

Adrienne Barnes

Headteacher, Cressey College Schools Group

Please see the Headteacher’s letter to all Parents and Carers regarding the November 2017 Report’s findings here: Letter to Parents & Carers of FY students re Ofsted report

Please see the full Ofsted Report of 21-23 November 2017 here: Face Youth Ofsted Report November 2017