Positive Behaviour Management


While attending FACE Youth we expect our students to:

– Respect themselves — to use the opportunity of high staffing levels to grow academically and personally

– Respect each other — this includes not engaging in verbal or physical violence or bullying

– Respect staff — listening and following instructions and again, not engaging in any physical or verbal violence

 – Respect the school — vandalism,  in any form is unacceptable

 – Appreciate and obey the school expectations which are in place for the benefit and welfare of all at FACE Youth


At FACE Youth our aim is always to encourage and affirm good behaviour through a system of respect and rewards. We ask that both students and staff treat each other and the School with respect and consideration.

Our Rewards include:

– Points system which involves both staff and students’ assessment.

– Internal bank account which yields a small financial reward — not cash, but an exchangeable token.

– Each student will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to chart progress.

Further details can be found in our policies. These can be obtained upon request to our Head Office.